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About QC Apartment Turns

QC Apartment Turns exists as the Leading Apartment Turn Over Company in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. ​The company was founded to help you check the boxes and see your properties treated better than ever! Known for being thorough, on time and attentive to detail, the QC team always has the same approach..."IT'S WHAT WE DO".

Our Process

It all starts with a FREE Quote. From there, one of our team members will personally connect with you to discuss your project. 

We want to make sure things are done, and done right. Here is how we do it:

Free Quote

It starts with a click. Each of our clients begin by receiving a free quote. This allows you to process budgets, timelines and expectations. 

Personal Consultation.jpg


Our team is full of professionals that love to connect with the businesses in our community! One of our team members will call you and discuss your project!

Turn Over

It's time to get to work! After a Personal Consultation, our team gets hard to work seeing that your schedules and timelines are met and met well! 

Turn Over.jpg

Follow Up

We never leave you hanging! We love to hear the success stories and testimonials of properties being seen well after we love them! 

Follow Up.jpg

Our Quality Guarantee

"It's What We Do!"


QC Apartment Turns stands on being personal with our clients, fully aware to timelines and schedules as well as thoroughly attentive to details. We ensure the job is done and done well.

You can count on our team to produce over the top service, professional relationships, awareness, and confidentiality in all our services. We work hard with you until you and your team until you are completely assured and satisfied with all aspects of service. 


We respect your company, your property and your time.

It's What We Do!

It's What We Do!
Tell us about your project and needs!

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